In this video, our CEO and Founder, Chris, talks about the benefits of an internal IT team versus outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider, once your organisation gets to the point where it needs some help with IT strategy. If you’re interested in leanring more about what a Managed Service Provider can do for your business, visit our Managed IT Services page.

Transcript of Your IT Strategy Video:

As an organisation when you’re looking at your IT strategy you’ve got two options for getting the right type of recommendations to your board, so that you adopt the right technology.

The first one would to recruit somebody internally as your IT person. That might be an IT manager; typically IT managers kick in around about 70 employees within an organisation and then north of that. And then you might start to build an internal IT team. The other option is you outsource to a Managed Service Provider who can give you the right type of recommendations on technology.

There are pros and cons for both of these, but let’s look at the internal IT person to start with. Well they come with that wealth of experience, they’ll be able to perform support for you as well – the risks are attached to whether or not they know all the technology that is available to you; and they keep themselves abreast of that technology because it’s just one single person. The second thing is once they’ve got all that knowledge it’s a bit of a risk to you if they decide to leave the organisation.

So a Managed Service provider on the other side would actually come with the ability to help you grow and advise you on the right type of technology for your size at any time. They can also perform the support services for you. Now you might decide that you want a hybrid scenario where, as you get to 100 – 150 employees, the IT person decides they want to outsource some of the first or the second line issues on support to the Managed Service Provider. They can also get complimentary advice from the Managed Service provider around new technology; and then present that in a partnership to your board.

And that’s generally how it grows with internal people vs. a Managed Service provider

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