A happy workforce says a lot about the company, what it stands for and the business culture. If your workforce is unhappy, everyone (if not most people) can tell! As much as it’s about the customers, it’s also about the people who make your customers happy. If they’re not happy – no one’s happy.

Here at TechQuarters, we have worked with organisations who really value the happiness of their employees, they’ve implemented solutions and invested in training per our recommendation to help their users get the most out of the technology.

In this post, we thought we’d share a few things your employees are secretly unhappy about and how using right IT solution, training or change management programme can help keep your employees happy.


First one, slow systems. Some may even say that ‘slow is the new broken’. You may find your employees are pressuring you to invest in better systems, because they have deadlines to meet and customers to make happy. The last thing anyone needs is a slow, unresponsive application making their life 10 times harder.

Windows 10 Operating System included in Microsoft 365 Business is designed to be fast and responsive so users can work with no down time. So, you’re less likely to miss a deadline if your systems work fast!


Your employees want their jobs to get easier in time and they want to be working with more automatic systems. A.I Technology is a great example of technology that can help them with the more menial tasks, so they can give more brain power to the tasks that really matter. They want to impress their clients, bosses and suppliers by getting the job done. Nothing is more frustrating than working with a complicated, manual system and having to give the excuse ‘bear with me/it might take a little while as the systems a bit complex’.

We recommend using Microsoft solutions to help you work smarter. Microsoft solutions are designed to be simple, easy to use and users can pretty much self-teach themselves how to use the application in the Microsoft Suite.

That’s not saying training isn’t important. It definitely is! You will have lots of types of learners in your organisation who learn differently, which is why we recommend introducing change management programmes and training solutions into your organisation. This will help to make sure employees learn how to use new systems well, then reinforce these lessons over time through videos, gamification and continued communications – to ensure regardless of how fast or slowly someone learns, they get the training they need.

Research shows that a full 40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to become effective will leave their positions within the first year.

An example of content from our training solution, the 365 Cloud Academy.


They may be using the tradition e-mail to communicate or a free online communication tool; which can actually be very limiting for your users. They are unable to collaborate on documents at the same time or send big files across – resulting in multiple versions on different desktops or pieces of the same document in multiple places. Investing in Business Apps like Microsoft Teams to help your employees communicate with each other can make such a difference to the environment at work.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that enables users to chat, send files and documents as well as work on them together in the Cloud. They can also access their meetings, audio and video conference calls. All those amazing, need to have features in one tool! We can’t stress enough that communication is essential to keep your employees happy. They want that dynamic business culture and to feel connected with their co-workers, regardless of where they may be. They may be working in different locations but are able to communicate as if they were next to each other through Microsoft Teams.


Better planning and management tools can make a difference, employees can meet deadlines and work better in teams. They are less likely to be stressed as they will find themselves motivated and on top of their work. 

Employees want to stay on top of things, they don’t like work piling up. How do we prevent this from happening? Tools like Microsoft OneNote and Planner available in Office 365 and Microsoft 365 are designed to help users stay more organised with minimal effort. They’re easy to use applications that require little to no training. These applications are also integrated in Microsoft Teams (collaboration tool) enabling users to work on the same documents together from one centralised location.

So many of these issues can be solved with one easy to use product, Microsoft 365 – 3 software’s in 1 bundle for only a few £’s per month, and a well structured and implement change management training plans.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Business

  • Saves you time
  • Best pricing for all in one business in a box solution
  • Encourages flexible working
  • Happy productive users
  • Return on Investment
  • Advanced Security

What does Microsoft 365 Include

How much does it cost?

  • Single price per user
  • 15. 10 per user per month in comparison to Office 365 Business Prem £9/40 per user per month. We recommend getting Microsoft 365 Business because of the additional security features e.g. device management, advanced threat protection and document policies.

We’ve also seen positive results from introducing change management programmes to our customers, once this bundle has been onboarded. We don’t just introduce new systems and leave our customers to deal with the rest. We help our customers understand how to use them through our 365 Cloud Academy. By introducing change management programmes and training platforms, we are helping our customers achieve an ROI on their investment and keeping their employees happy with training.

To learn more about the 365 Cloud Academy, visit our site. For more information or to learn how Microsoft 365 Business can benefit you and tour team, call us on 0800 148 8001 or email tellmemore@techquarters.com

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