Windows Virtual Desktop is the latest modern workplace solution form Microsoft, that is a great fit for finance companies that want a remote working or hosted desktop solution. The reason it’s such a good fit with this industry, is some of the greatest concerns around home working and managing multiple locations for finance companies is data security. In this blog we’ll look at how Windows Virtual Desktop handles the issue of security for finance, as well as how it can benefit businesses with a global or remote workforce.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and application virtualisation solution. What this means is where now you may have Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 products loaded onto your desktop or laptop directly, with Windows Virtual Desktop they are hosted in Azure. They still look like the apps you are familiar with, but instead of taking up space and being controlled by an individual’s PC, all the processing power and storage is handled in the cloud. You can employ a whole desktop or single apps to users from one central portal and scale up and scale down as needed, more on that below.

For more info on how WVD works specifically for finance, check out the below video.

Data Security & Compliance

Data security big issue for finance companies, by the nature of the business they generally hold a lot of personal data about customers – whether it be contact details, birthdates or even national insurance numbers, passport numbers or bank account details. Regardless of how strict your policies are, there are always risks of data being lost, maybe through an employee losing a laptop, or even stolen. Where IT can help mitigate these risks, is by setting up infrastructure and environments that ensure if this happens you can control the data from a remote location.

This is where Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365 with InTune come in. Not only can you set up MDM policies with InTune to remotely wipe data from devices that go missing, with Windows Virtual Desktop you can go one step further and set it so no data can even be downloaded outside of the WVD environment. This also means if someone is using a personal laptop to work, there is no chance they’ll accidentally leave something important in their downloads folder or saved to their desktop – as they won’t be able to!

Managing a Remote and Global Workforce

If you have a global clientele, you want to be able to have a global workforce to match your international clientele. With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can purchase someone a fairly standard laptop in their location but do all the user setup from whether you are, as it’s all hosted in Azure. This avoids setting up laptops at HQ and sending them round the world, just so you can get a standardised desktop. It also means the laptops people can work from, don’t need to be as powerful as with a local operating system setup – as the power is coming from the cloud.

Another great thing about Windows Virtual Desktop being a hosted desktop solution in Azure, is that Microsoft Azure organises it’s global infrastructure by regions and geographies. Geographies allow customers with specific data-residency and compliance needs to keep data in the right place, regardless of the location of the users accessing that data. Therefore, you can have a global workforce remain compliant to your region.

Case Study: A Quick Implementation of a Secure Home Working Solution

A great example of how a financial company has utilised Windows Virtual Desktop, is this case study of Alpha FX, a company that helps corporates and institutions more effectively manage currency. They needed a solution that would allow users to work from home during a critical time but needed to make sure it was secure and company data was not at risk. By implementing Windows Virtual Desktop, they were able to get a work from home and keep customer data safe – locking down security even more by routing all internet traffic through their enterprise grade firewall. The outcome of this project was a quick implementation of a cost effective secure remote working solution, that can be easily scaled as required. To read this case study in full, click the link here.

If Windows Virtual Desktop sounds like a solution that would work for your financial organisation, in terms of security and how your organisation is spread globally amongst other things, please do get in touch and we will see how we can help.

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