Here are 5 reasons why your organisation should invest in Microsoft 365 Business. Microsoft re-released this package with added security features to help deal with the rise of cyber attacks and threats.

#1 Users are more productive

Microsoft 365 Business includes applications that help users become more productive. Office 365 contains tools like Planner and OneNote to help users track their progress, note down important things and keep on track.

#2 Users can work remotely

One of the benefits of Microsoft 365 Business is the ability to work remotely. This is particularly helpful for start ups that want to make the most of home working and hot desking style work spaces. External factors like weather conditions also shouldn’t prevent users from working, they should be able to access document and files from home and get the job done. Users can access business applications like Planner and OneNote to stay organised and up to date on the go.

#3 Creators can collaborate

Microsoft 365 Business contains business applications that help users collaborate better such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Creative geniuses are always changing their ideas and the best way to keep track of it all is in Teams. Users can work together, update documents in real time.
”The first public release of Microsoft Teams is an excellent solution for the group-chat needs of businesses, offering collaborative tools, an easy file manager and fun perks to make users actually enjoy it.” – (, Henry T. Casey, 14/03/2017)

Microsoft 365 Business has other great applications that help with collaboration and communication. Overall, Microsoft Teams is ideal for creators because of the instant communication and the functionality to work together in real time from any location.

#5 Invest in better Security

Cyber attacks are on the rise, hackers are becoming more skilled and clever which means users need the latest security systems to help protect against these threats. A system that is constantly updated, like Microsoft 365 Business.

The security features in Microsoft 365 Business helps to mitigate human error of a cyber attack. For example, e-mail operating systems don’t always detect unsafe links or spam e-mails however with added security features, the computer can scan unsafe links in real time.

Secondly, Microsoft 365 Business includes Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro which enables admins users to manage devices so if a device is lost or stolen; the data can be wiped immediately before getting into the wrong hands.

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