What are the benefits of of outsourcing your IT Support as a smaller business? Watch out video below, or else read the transcript as to how you can get access to an IT team for less than hiring someone internally with the right type of service.

So, if they’re crashing, you need to know that there’s a technical specialist on hand that you can call, and they will actually jump on your machine and basically fix the problem.

So if you’re a small business, the choice is do you employ somebody internally to look after that? Which could be a costly affair even if it’s only a part time salary versus outsourcing to an IT support service.

If you can get a fixed price deal from an IT support service company, that’s perfect as you can budget for it and you should expect to get between 1/3 and 1/4 of the amount you would pay for that salaried position internally. So basically you’ll be quid’s in!

Absolutely you’re going to save some money, but also you can get service levels from the support company. So that means when you get a hold of them, you know you’re going to get them at the right time. It’s not a pay-as-you-go service, it’s not like you’re calling a one-man band that could be holidaying at the beach at the time when you really need them, it’s knowing you have that commodity as an IT support service. You can call at any time, and all your users can carry on operating.

What are some of the real savings of outsourcing your IT?

  • Reduced Labour Costs

Not having a fill time salary internally, charged by the numenr of users in your organisation 

  • Consistency

No sick days, holidays, pensions etc with outsourced staff

  • Excellent Customer Service

Our staff are targeted on customer service, so the goal is always to understand and help

  • Value added Services

We also specialise in many other services, so can advice you on those as well

  • IT Project Costs

We have a separate projects team, so unlike with Interal IT staff, your support doesn’t stop while a project is being done



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