What is Fixed IT Support? Does it make sense financially and can I get a real value from the service? These are questions we are asked constantly. Here, at TechQuarters , we only offer fixed IT Support because we know it works for us and is even better for you. Fixed IT Support enables you to be charged one-line item every month for technical support whether it involves multiple site visits or remoting onto your machine.

However, many times you need us, we are there for a fixed price every month. There are many reasons why Fixed IT Support is better for your business which we will be delving into in this post.

Save costs with Fixed IT Support

The cost factor is one of the key benefits. Fixed IT Support can save you money and help you forecast your finances better. Let’s say your marketing department suddenly has a bad month with their IT systems and they’re calling the helpdesk a few times a day and require site visits to fix the technical issue. You don’t need to worry about additional charges for going over a call limit or how long an engineer is spending on site as trey charge by the hour, we have you covered. An unexpected bill like that can really throw your finances off.

We also take huge pride in our service levels and are investing in engineers who are trained and experienced. We also take the time to improve our processes and further develop our engineers, and we won’t charge you more for it. Our service improves but our price stays the same.

Account Managed with Fixed IT Support

We’re not just Fixed IT Support, we’re proactive in our approach. Every customer is assigned a dedicated Technical Account Manager to help be your internal CTO or provide technical advice and recommendations on the latest technology. If you’re paying a lot for your IT Support without having an Account Manager, you’re not getting real value out of your support. Your Account Manager will make sure the service is running smoothly for you and be proactive by suggesting applications or products that can help grow your business and increase productivity. Another great benefit of having a Technical Account Manager is that you’re not getting bounced around departments when you need to speak to someone – you have a dedicated point of escalation.

Change is good until you’re asked to pay more

You may find sometimes your IT Support provider increases the price of service every year and it’s spirally out of control. Financially it’s not making sense and you’re not getting real value out of the service. That’s why you should choose Fixed IT Support, you’re paying the same price every month in a contract of up to 3 years and nothing will change. You may have months where you’re calling the helpdesk several times more or having a few engineers visit the site and we won’t charge you more. We keep it simple by charging you one-line item for our service so you can manage your finances better.

Are they being upfront with you?

If you’re not a technology company and from a different sector, you may not have deep understanding of technology and how it works. How long a project will usually take? What will it involve? So, you put your trust in your IT Support provider to suggest the best steps to take however you may find that they quote you for a project that takes longer than expected. You may also find they’re not able to deliver and more costs are uncovered! How frustrating! We will be upfront about project costs with you from the beginning. Our project consultants will provide you with a plan and cover timeframes – giving you realistic projection completion time so you won’t be left disappointed. We will keep constant communication with you so you’re up to date and not having to worry about your IT.

Are you convinced?

So those are the key reasons why we believe in and offer Fixed IT Support. We have worked with so many customers who made that transition not only does it make financial sense, but you get reliable IT Support. This can help your business run smoothly and become more efficient – getting you that return on investment. Secondly, you’re not just getting IT Support, you have dedicated proactive Technical Account Managers as part of the service which involves technology recommendations and proactive monitoring. Your systems stay up to date and if something does go wrong, we’re a phone call away.

For more information on our IT Support service, contact us.

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