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Remote IT Support Services & Home Working Organisations

Here’s a typical scenario of what might have happened or be going on in your organisation, and why you might want to consider TechQuarters to help you setup your home working IT network and remote it support services going forward.


Organisation Scenario

Remote IT Support can actually be very cost efficient for businesses. Networks have changed since lock down and hybrid networks where people have an office network and a home/work from home network are on the rise. There were scenarios where businesses were forced to create an infrastructure that enabled working from home, whilst connecting to their existing systems and applications, almost overnight. Now you organisation might be in one of the following positions:


  1. You moved your whole organisation to home working and now want to continue with everyone doing it more long term/permanently
  2. You moved to home working temporarily, but now want to keep some people working from home or give the option to some of the time moving forward
  3. You moved to home working temporarily and are back in the office, but want a setup that allows for a home working strategy in the future – while still working as an office based environment for now


Quite a few of the organisations in the above scenarios have decided to choose an infrastructure like Windows Virtual Desktop – virtualised desktops in the cloud with data controlled and access to company apps – to help with their work from home setup. Some chose Microsoft 365, with data in SharePoint, communications in Teams or Zoom and Windows 10 and Office on the desktop. The key thing is we’ve managed to help create a network that is secure, reliable, and clean. So, the consequence of that change is the bulk of the reengineering the network is done. So now the IT Support that they need is remote, with a lower level of call outs.

As an example, you might find the Financial Director lives in deepest darkest Kent and he might get full remote IT support, which works for him 99% of the time. He also might want to take his computer to his local IT shop to have a hard drive fitted, or get a new laptop – that’s up to him, or you can pay for us to perform a call out to his home office.

The overall cost saving comes from more remote support and less costly site visits – therefore in a scenario where no call outs are used in a month, a company up to 35% savings in their IT Support costs.

A good home working network and remote IT support is a real winner for organisations wanting to incorporate more home working into their strategy. It’s a reliable and cost-effective setup with the best form of support they can get for a clean cloud network. We can also help tidy up any networks that were moved quickly and need some help before being onboarded to support. Check out our Remote IT Support service in more detail, or learn more about Windows Virtual Desktop here.

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