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Remote IT Support London & Remote Desktops: 50-250 Users

Here’s a typical scenario of what might have happened or be going on in your organisation, and why you might want to consider TechQuarters to help you setup your home working setup with remote IT Support London

Organisation Scenario

As your organisation reached the 50+ size, you may have already invested in some work form home or remote desktop software and are wanting to make sure you’ve got the most cost effective version of this setup. Or, you may have a slightly older, on-premise solution are are looking to move more into the cloud with a solution like Windows Virtual Desktop? Check out the various scenarios below to see whether any of them meet your current scenario, and therefore Windows Virtual Desktop is a good choice for you:


  1. You presently have an on-premise Citrix network with people occasionally working form home or roving users
  2. The Citrix network or component is needing an upgrade, you are considering moving to a cloud-based solution and replacing Citrix
  3. You want to make some cost savings from moving away from on-premise solutions
  4. You want a monthly payment plan, no long-term lock in and are considering reducing or getting rid of office space
  5. You are considering shutting down an on-premise application server


Quite a few of the organisations in the above scenarios have decided to choose an infrastructure like Windows Virtual Desktop – virtualised desktops in the cloud with data controlled and access to company apps. Windows Virtual Desktop is a great solution to replace Citrix, or even work alongside it. You can make some great savings by paying monthly and you get all the benefits of Microsoft 365 as well. In fact if you’re already on Microsoft 365, you’re ready for Windows Virtual Desktop. It’s a really flexible solution, which allows you to virtualise anything from a users entire desktop, to a single application. Like we mentioned above, you may be considering shutting down an on-premise application server and creating a remote application published to users’ desktops at home – all of which is possible with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a great choice if you want to save some money, modernise your network, gain the benefits of Microsoft 365 and are ultimately looking to enhance your business by digital transformation and harness working from home benefits. As a next step we would suggesting getting in touch with us, an experienced Windows Virtual Desktop Partner, to see if we can setup a trial for a select segment of users of Windows Virtual Desktop.

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