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Microsoft Teams Calling Solution

Here’s a typical scenario of what might be going on in your organisation, and why you might want to consider Microsoft Teams Business Voice with TechQuarters for your Microsoft Teams calling solution.


  1. You’ve been using an old internal telephone system and are interested in upgrading to an internet based one.
  2. Your present telephone system uses desk handsets that look a bit dated and connect to a box in the corner of the room that provides telephone numbers and a connection.
  3. You might have an internal telephone PBX system, but all it does is telephone calls and you use other solutions for teleconferences or instant chat and messaging.
  4. Your present telephone system doesn’t give you enough features for handling calls, hunt groups, teamwork or reporting.
  5. You simply want a more reliable telephone system, so you don’t miss those important incoming calls.
  6. You really want your organisation to start using better and faster ways to communicate by harnessing the new technologies available without costing the earth.
  7. You want to be able to make and receive calls using your office number even when outside the office.


  1. By attending one of our Microsoft Teams seminars or speaking to our consultants, you can quickly ascertain how Teams telephony can provide you with calling, meetings, collaboration and chat, in one Unified communication solution.
  2. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication solution which is perfect for Small to Medium sized organisations that want a new internet telephone system to save money and gain new ways to collaborate, instant chat and perform presentations on the teleconference solution.
  3. Your numbers can be ported, you get a cost-effective calling plan and you can dial internationally.
  4. You can share documents and present on conference calls through a digital workspace, to collaborate with colleagues and external team members.
  5. Teams is more than just a phone system; it is business calling re-invented.

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