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Managed Cloud Hosting


Here are some Managed Cloud hosting examples, but the list is quite endless when you start looking at Azure and how it can help your organisation

  1. You just need a server in the cloud or some storage.
  2. You want a cost-effective backup service for your files.
  3. You want a Disaster Recovery solution that replicates your servers and infrastructure to the cloud and spins it up in seconds as a mirror image of what you have at your offices, in the event of failure locally.
  4. You want to boost your organisations’ security with Azure security services.
  5. You have an existing hosting arrangement for data or servers or perhaps applications in another data centre and want to move some or all of these systems to another hosting company. You are looking at Microsoft Azure for exactly this reason.
  6. You have data or servers, or applications stored locally on in-house systems and you want to migrate them to a Cloud Host. You have heard about Microsoft Azure because there are many services for Infrastructure in the Cloud or using some of their Platform’s as a service for things like SQL databases and application hosting.
  7. You have your own data centre, full of infrastructure and virtual services that need more resilience or modernisation. You are considering Amazon or Microsoft Azure and would like to know why Microsoft would be the right partner for you?


  1. Our Azure service spec’s out what you need in terms of storage, security, backup, hosting and then provides you with an indicative monthly spend on the new infrastructure.
  2. We then carefully plan the migration of existing services into Microsoft Azure and execute the tasks, whilst avoiding any downtime.
  3. Sometimes it is as simple as one of our Cloud Architects setting your new system up, such as a hosted server and giving you access but other times it may need some careful planning to migrate large workloads to Azure over multiple weekends.

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