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IT Support Services for 200+ Employees

Here’s a typical scenario of what might be going on in your organisation, and why you might want to consider TechQuarters for your IT Support Services for 200+ Employees​.

IT Scenario

  1. You have an In-House IT team with a CTO. You may also have a CIO and development person(s).
  2. Your IT Support is mostly performed in house apart from outsourced support for particular packages.
  3. You have about 1 support engineer per 70 users or per location depending on the size of the location.
  4. There are day to day pressures, like when you’re down on resource because of holidays or sickness.
  5. You are considering outsourcing support in some way. Perhaps that is just 1st line quick fixing to alleviate some pressure or having some IT Manager support. You might want to look into outsourcing the whole of the support function for users and then managing a support contract performed by an IT partner.
  6. You may need to recruit a CTO to manage your IT, both from a day to day basis and advising the board on IT strategy.
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  1. A first option is your 1st Line Helpdesk function to us and we log all tickets and fix circa 40% of your support issues, the pass the rest on to your in-house team.
  2. A second option is to take a support engineer from one of our teams and sit them in your teams at your site.
  3. A third option is IT Manager holiday cover, where you call us and turn on our Helpdesk and on-site support for circa 30 days of cover in any one year.
  4. A fourth and sometimes very attractive additional option is you take a Virtual CTO’s from us to help guide your IT decisions. This may only be for 2 to 3 days a month, but it can easily expand to more days if required. They will manage the audit of your infrastructure and advise on the state of play. They typically make recommendations to ensure your organisation is digitally transforming in accordance with your IT strategy. Each month they check your IT processes are intact and working. They monitor the IT spend to ensure it is in line with your budgetary forecast and they attend board meetings if needed and liaise with other Directors for any required IT input.


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