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IT Support for PR

Do you need an IT Partner that can deliver unique IT Solutions that are tailored to the demands of the Public Relations sector?

Here at TechQuarters, we deliver tailored solutions to each individual customers’ needs. Our familiarity with your sector, and our award-winning service, make us a perfect choice to manage your IT.

Our IT Support Packages Includes:

  • Unlimited calls to our help desk
  • Unlimited callouts to your sites
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Service reports
  • New technology advice
  • Office 365 Training Application
  • Preferential project rates
  • Fixed monthly fee
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If you are a PR company looking for a trusted IT Support Provider, that can deliver a service that is optimised for your line of work, you won’t find a better partner than TechQuarters. PR companies partner with TechQuarters because we go the extra mile in order to support every inch of your IT infrastructure.

Here at TechQuarters, we are committed to learning all the nuances of your sector – this includes having a deep understanding of the types of software used in your line of work. Perhaps you use tools and software that other top Public Relations firms use like PRMax PressOffice, Prowly, Prezly, Critical Mention or Roxhill Media. Our IT Support for PR Companies helpdesk is excellent, and we are committed to delivering direct support to every piece of software used in your organisation.

Our team of highly qualified technicians, IT managers, and specialist engineers – such as Cloud Architects and Project Consultants – are on hand to manage the whole of your IT infrastructure. As a highly trusted Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, and have a wealth of experience and resources to optimise your business in a number of ways.

Why Choose TechQuarters’ IT Support for PR Companies?

As an award-winning IT Support Provider, we have over 10 years of experience providing a service that not only manages & monitors your IT infrastructure, but also helps you improve that infrastructure by implementing new technologies and solutions that help your business thrive. Our IT Support for PR Companies will help your business thrive. 

Our teams are experts and can provide IT Support for a number of different sectors including IT Support for Marketing Agencies or IT Support for Packaging Sector and even IT Support Marketing and Media businesses need.

If you’d like to know more about our IT Support Services, then we’d love to hear from you – reach out today to discuss how we could help.