We’ve done a series of blogs on different elements you should be thinking about when looking for and investing in IT Support. In the first of this series, our CEO Chris discusses what type of support you might need – focusing on Full IT Support and what it is. To find out more, watch the video below – or else read through the transcription below!

The first thing to consider is type of service and IT Support you need. Let’s talk about Full Support first of all.

So what you really want to consider is do you need support for all of your hardware – which means your desktops or laptops or mobile’s, your networking software and your networking hardware?

Then you’ve got to consider if some of your users have problems with their desktop operating systems and any applications that sit on those? As they may want to call somebody and get those problems fixed.

So really what a full support service means is looking after all your hardware, all your software, all your applications and your networking, then on top of that you really want a proactive element to it. What we provide is a 24/7 proactive monitoring service and that checks and alerts when things are not quite right, then our engineers fix those before they become a big issue without you even knowing.

The final part of the service should be really great Account Management. What that means is somebody assigned to you, a dedicated Account Manager, that can review your needs and talk to you about your customer satisfaction. They review your case report so they can see how many calls you’re actually doing on a monthly basis, so they can really drill into your service and make sure you are 100% happy. And they should meet with you every month or quarter. That is what we call a full support service.

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