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What is Proactive IT Support and what should you Expect from your Provider?

When you think of an IT Support service, you may just think of users sending emails or making phone calls to your provider whenever they have an issue. However, it should be much more proactive than that. In this video our CEO and Founder, Chris, talks about what is proactive IT Support, what kind of software your IT Support partner should be using and the types of alerts and problems they should be catching before they become an issue. This is the very nature of ‘proactive support’. Watch the video or read the transcript below, then if you have any questions about our support service – our contact details are below as well.

Proactive Monitoring

One of the keys things that a lot of partners actually miss when they’re working within an outsourced IT support contract is providing really good proactive monitoring. That means monitoring your network, your users, and making sure you’re not getting potential threats and malware attacks.

So let’s give a good example of what should be monitored – and it does require a good piece of software to do this. It might be that it monitors all of your servers to make sure that the backup is working correctly and then remedial action needs to be taken, it needs to be logged if it hasn’t worked; and then a quick restore done and test that the procedure is working okay.

You also want to know that your internet lines are up so that whenever they’re dropping the IT partner should be getting responses and alerts so that they can tackle those and probably know them before you actually see the problem. So they’re fixing them behind the scenes.

Your proactive monitoring software should also test the capacity of the servers that you have. So maybe you’re storing files on servers in the sky, or servers in your actual office and they’re checking the capacity of those to make sure that they’re greater than 10 per cent.

These are just a few common alerts that should be going through to the helpdesk and they definitely need to have a proactive monitoring system and that’s included as part of your outsourced IT support function.

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