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What Is Managed Cloud Hosting with Azure?

Are you looking for professional help to manage your Cloud Hosting through Azure? Are you looking for a Microsoft Partner to help guide the setup and build of your server in the cloud? Then Managed Cloud Hosting is what your business needs.

Managed Cloud Hosting allows you to focus on aspects of the business that matter most to you and leave all the web hosting hassles and work to your Microsoft Partner. Microsoft Azure allows you to completely transform and digitize your business – whether you’re needing a server in the cloud or some storage, whether you want to boost your security with Azure security services, or if you want to move some or all of your current systems to another hosting company, then Azure is your answer.

Our Azure service spec’s out what you need in terms of storage, security, backup, hosting and then provides you with an indicative monthly spend on the new infrastructure. We then carefully plan the migration of existing services into Microsoft Azure and execute the tasks, whilst avoiding any downtime. Sometimes it is as simple as one of our Cloud Architects setting your new system up, such as a hosted server and giving you access but other times it may need some careful planning to migrate large workloads to Azure over multiple weekends.

TechQuarters can help you build the perfect managed multi-cloud solutions for your business – and being a Tier 1 Microsoft Partner, we’re able to incorporate all the necessary tools and tricks into your IT network and setup seamlessly. Our highly skilled teams are experienced in providing transformation and maintenance solutions that are guaranteed to help your business succeed.

Give us a call today and let’s chat about how our proven IT Support Solutions can help your business begin to grow and flourish even more.