Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is an add-on to Office 365 and Exchange plans which help clean out inboxes from emails that have malicious intent. These features can block, track and protect against advanced threats; minimising the human error side of cyber-attacks.

What are the features of Advanced Threat Protection?

There are many features within ATP that can help protect an organisation from advanced threats and secure information within email operating systems. Here’s how:

Safe Attachments – This feature provides security from malware and viruses. The standard operating systems protects users from common viruses and malware that are usually online. Current email operating systems scan each message that’s sent within office 365, when the message reaches the recipient, it blocks the malicious link to prevent the user from clicking it. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are hiding malicious hyperlinks by using safe links which are forwarded to unsafe sites and that’s why organisations need to start thinking about Advanced Threat Protection.

Spoof Intelligence – Spoof Intelligence enables users who have Advanced Threat Protection to allow and block senders. ATP can flag e-mails that appear to be sent as someone else within the organisation as ‘Spoof’, ATP can pick this up and allows users to block the sender. This feature is available in the anti-spam settings page.

Quarantine- Messages that have been sent and contain spam, bulk, phishing or malware can be sent to quarantine. Authorised users within the organisation can manage these e-mails and choose whether to delete, allow or block the senders.

What are the benefits of Advanced Threat Protection?

Securing your mailboxes is very important; e-mails are sent everyday with critical data and PII data. ATP can protect files, storage and applications within Office 365 such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, PowerPoint and Visio providing better protection.

Reporting and Tracking – Reporting and tracking enables users to be able to see where the malicious link came from using URL Trace technology. They can see who’s being targeted within the organisation and help to investigate these attacks.

Protection against malicious links– Cyber Criminals are getter better and cleverer with their attacks, with ATP it can scan content and the URL in real time and warns the recipient if the link is unsafe and they are also informed about avoiding the site and that the site has been blocked automatically.

How to buy Advanced Threat Protection?

You can add ATP to selective Exchange and Office 365 Subscriptions Plans, such as Microsoft 365 Business. If you would like to purchase this add-on, get in touch with TechQuarters.

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