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Working with Microsoft has always been a core part of our identity as a business. At TechQuarters we are proud to be one of the original accredited Microsoft Solutions Partners in the UK.

Here at TechQuarters, we literally couldn’t work without Microsoft solutions. It is part of the very foundations of our modern, remote infrastructure, and it is an integral part of the services we offer businesses.

For a little over 12 years, we have provided managed services to businesses in London and the South of England; and we have been a trusted Microsoft Partner, starting with their original Gold and Silver Accreditations. Now, however, we are part of their latest program, as a Microsoft Solutions Partner.


What is a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

You may have heard various different names associated with companies that work with Microsoft – Microsoft Certified Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner, or perhaps Cloud Solutions Provider. These are all accreditations that are part of the Microsoft Partner Network, a scheme that has existed, under one name or another, since 1992. The latest iteration of the partner accreditation was designed to reflect the key ways in which Microsoft goes to market with their business solutions.

A Microsoft Solutions Partner is a company, like TechQuarters, that has been accredited in one of six Solutions Partner Designations. These designations help customers identify the areas of the Microsoft Cloud where a partner’s expertise lies in. For example, we are accredited in two designations: Modern Work and Infrastructure. There are six designations in total:

  • Modern Workplace – Focuses on Microsoft 365
  • Business Applications – Focuses on the Power Platform and Dynamics 365
  • Security – Focuses on Azure Data Security, ATP, Defender, and several other services.
  • Data and AI – Focuses on Azure Applied AI Services.
  • Digital & App Innovation – Focuses on Azure and the Power Platform.
  • Infrastructure – Focuses on

In order to become certified in any of the above designations, a business needs to demonstrate, via a points system, a minimum level of competency in three key areas: Performance, Skilling, and Customer Success.


Why Work with a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

The Microsoft Cloud is one of the most successful arrays of business solutions in the world right now. It provides businesses with nearly every single resource they need to build a cutting-edge infrastructure that can unlock their full potential. Here at TechQuarters, we feel that working with a Microsoft Solutions Partner is the perfect accompaniment to leveraging Microsoft solutions – here are a few reasons why…

Acquire Cutting Edge Solutions

Microsoft Solutions Partners are licensed vendors of Microsoft solutions, and there are many benefits to acquiring solutions through a partner. First and foremost, customers get the best price for licensing when they go through the Partner Network. At TechQuarters, we work mainly with small to medium-sized businesses, and we have seen how the Partner Network (and the development of cloud services) has helped smaller businesses access better solutions.

Access Accredited Expertise

Procuring Microsoft solutions is just the first hurdle for a business. Here at TechQuarters, we have helped many businesses modernize – firstly, by provisioning them with licensing; and then by assisting the client with implementation, configuration, and adoption. Herein lies the next major benefit of working with a Microsoft Solutions Partner. All Solutions Partners have demonstrated a level of expertise that is certified by Microsoft themselves, so businesses can be sure that they are getting a level of expertise that is similar to that of the original creators of the solutions they use.

Optimize Your IT Overheads

The vision of Microsoft is to give every business the capabilities to operate in line with modern business practices – for example, cloud-based infrastructure, virtual communications and collaboration, data-driven insights and decision-making, etc. IT modernization can help businesses optimize their IT budgets while eliminating costly legacy systems and hardware, in favour of flexible, scalable modern solutions.

Get Top Tier Wraparound Services

Many of the best Microsoft Solutions Partners don’t just specialise in Microsoft Solutions. For example, we are managed service providers – we offer full outsourced IT support, managed IT services, backup services, and many more solutions. The right Microsoft Solutions Partner will be able to add additional value to the Microsoft solutions they provide a business needs with other wraparound services.