Sometimes it’s hard when you’ve been with the same provider or had the same experiences with IT companies over the years, to know what a good service should even look like! We have worked with so many businesses and a common issue they seem to be facing is unreliable helpdesk engineers. In this blog, we will cover the types of engineers you don’t want to come across and what you should be looking for when you’re searching for a new IT Support Provider.

Here at TechQuarters, we make sure when we bring in fresh new people to the team, we make sure they don’t have any qualities mentioned below. We invest in training our staff and have policies to make sure our flow and speed of service does not affect customer service. We are always looking to improve our processes and develop our teams so they can help you out when it comes to your tech. So, let’s get into the helpdesk engineers you don’t want to deal with.

Scenario 1: Lazy Helpdesk Engineers

This engineer probably doesn’t want to talk to you and straight away he is trying to rush you off the phone as he wants to get through all his calls quickly so he can be done with the day. This is exactly what you don’t want from your helpdesk engineers, you want someone who wants to help your resolve the issue regardless of how long it may take, someone who doesn’t see you as just a number. You want them to talk you through the entire process and giving you a solution.

It’s even more frustrating when you call the helpdesk and speak to an engineer who either doesn’t understand what you’re saying, or his tone of voice is uninviting. You’re having to explain the issue a few times. We know many people who have had interactions like this before and it’s not great. You want someone with a positive tone, who not only understands your frustration but goes above and beyond to help you. We call this a pro-active helpdesk engineer.

The lazy engineer is doing the bare minimum and that’s not what you want. When you’re searching for an IT Support Provider, you need to know the team and if they are reliable and friendly. You need to be able to trust them and know they can do the job. They need to be polite, very communicative with an optimistic approach to fixing technical issues. At TechQuarters our engineers aren’t just targeted on speed of closure or number of cases resolved, but also customer service – so you know you’re getting someone who is happy to help, because they are incentivised to help!

Scenario 2: The Helpdesk Engineer who ‘Forgets’

This engineer is probably the most frustrating one to deal with. We know many businesses have dealt with this type of personality before with their previous IT Support Provider. This usually happens when they don’t have a good system in place where engineers can manage their support cases effectively.

Here at TechQuarters, we have one centralised system where our management team can access and monitor the service levels and employee performance. So, every time engineers are working on a case, they can see the company, customer name, the issue and if it’s currently being worked on. This is also great if one of our engineers is going off on holiday, they can transfer the case to another engineer who can deal with the issue. We’ve seen great results from implementing this system into our processes as 100% of our cases are resolved every month, not a single customer goes unnoticed! Every customer is important to us whether the issue is big or small.

Scenario 3: The Poor Communicating Helpdesk Engineer

Effective communication is critical especially when the technical issue is complex. You want to be updated all the time and to know what is being done to resolve the issue. An example of this is, you may have logged a case and are having to chase the tech team up rather than the tech team chasing the company.

What you should have is an engineer constantly updating you, so you don’t have to worry about the status of your issue. You know what stage we’re at and when the issue is likely to be fixed, you are also aware of any other issues related with your case and how it can impact the delay of the fix. We know our customers would rather know if something has gone wrong and that it will take longer to resolve than the anticipated time, than to be ignored.

Scenario 4: The Dismissive Helpdesk Engineers

This engineer hasn’t taken your case seriously as they should’ve. You have logged a case and it’s very urgent. You have an important meeting that could be huge for your business – however technology is not on your side so you need your support provider to fix it. However, despite logging the issue, they have not dealt with it which meant that you have a lost the deal. This is not great – we want to help you be more successful so dealing with important support issues is a priority for us. We don’t want you to lose out on important deals or opportunities.

That’s why we have priorities levels in our process where all our engineers can identify what case is a priority and what isn’t. Priorities are different for every business, every sector and size. That’s why we make an effort to get to know our customers, what they do day to day and what their priorities are so we can offer the best service to them.

Know you deserve more

You might not realise it, but you deserve a better-quality service! You shouldn’t really be having more issues on top of your technical issues. Your support provider is supposed to relieve the stress and not add to it. If you want value for your money, you need to find a provider with highly experienced fast engineers who understand your business priorities. They should have an optimistic approach to dealing with technical issues, always find a solution and never get back to you with ‘we can’t or couldn’t do it’ and no more explanation.

If you’re experienced any of these interactions or bad helpdesk engineers with your IT Support Provider and are currently looking for a reliable, experienced team of friendly engineers – get in touch with us by email or call us on the number below. We will get back to you.

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