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Are you considering outsourcing your IT? Are you frustrated with trying to find an IT Support company that suits your technology business needs while saving you money? We know that as an IT Leader it can be challenging to look for an excellent service for the best price, hence why many people think its most cost effective and beneficial hiring their own engineers onsite.

You want value? Try outsourcing your IT to reliable, experienced and professional engineers. You might think your saving by not outsourcing, but really, you’re not… In this blog, we are going to cover benefits of outsourcing your IT in comparison to having your own in-house IT personnel. You will be surprised how much you can reduce your costs.

Reduce Labour Costs

It is every business’ dream to be able to save money, but not lose out on quality of service. Outsourcing your IT can save you significant money, whilst at the same time getting you access to experts. Sounds like a dream, right? Well let’s do the maths…

The average salary in London is £35,303. At £57 per user for IT Support, you make a saving on a full-time salary up to the point where your organisation hits 50 users. Obviously, it varies between organisations (and whether you ask the CIO or CEO of course – CIO’s may say 18 to 1 of course), but it is recommended that for SMB’s you have 1 tech support worker for every 50 users. This means as soon as you hit your average salary in outsourced spend, your techie starts to be pushed and you have to think about recruiting again!

Lastly, hiring an internal IT personal is not great for the business model as they can be temporary – if they have to leave quickly for some reason, you’re suddenly down to 0 IT support! When you’re outsourcing your IT, you’ll have access to 30 engineers for example. That means whenever you have an issue with your IT, you have 30 experienced people waiting to deal with your issue just a phone call away.

Expertise & Skills

Outsourcing your IT, you are guaranteed experienced and qualified engineers. You can have full confidence that your technical issue with be dealt and handled with accordingly. It also means the issue is most likely going to be resolved quicker than expected. Remember experienced engineers will come across these issues every day, which means they have had a lot of practice! This can help reduce downtime significantly.

With higher priority technical issues, you are guaranteed experienced and skilled engineers who will deal with it the best way. Being part of a dedicated IT company, they will have time to go on training and update their knowledge every quarter – without disrupting day to day business operations, as they aren’t the only one on the team! They will ensure minimal damage, reduced downtime and will keep you in the loop throughout. This kind or reliability is very important when it comes to technology as we know most businesses just cannot run without it. The better experienced IT engineers, the more stability for your business.



No holidays, sick pay and pensions with an outsourced IT staff so you will get continuity with technical services. Having IT personnel onsite means that if they are on holiday or off sick, they are unable to handle your technical queries or someone who is less experienced will have to deal with technical issues in his/her replacement. This may cause a lot of frustrating and downtime.

Another form of IT inconsistency is that as the world becomes more and more digital, the legislation around online data is constantly changing – as well as of cyber criminals and threats to your security advancing. An outsourced IT company will not only have access to expertise on these subjects, but often has advanced notice of the change or threat through professional networks and institutions. So, by utilising these companies you’re not always chasing your tail (or your competitors) when it comes to staying on top of the ever-changing digital world.

Excellent Customer Service


You’re paying for a service; you expect the best right? Having professional engineers that can take your call, understand your issue and help you in the best way is the goal. They go out of their way to help and keep the user informed of the process if it is a high priority issue.

Like most companies, it is unlikely that internal IT staff are targeted on customer service – that is, peer to peer service. Customer satisfaction is key when it comes to TechQuarters IT Support, and we pride ourselves in looking after our customers and treating every issue with the best customer service.

We treat every technical issue big or small with priority. We keep the customers in the loop of the process and with bigger concerns, we listen to them.

Value added Services

Many outsourced IT providers will not only offer IT Support but other relevant services to help you with your business needs.

We can help train your users with Office 365 and Microsoft 365 & Windows 10 so they can improve their self-help skills. This is great for productivity, personal development and putting less strain on the support team meaning they can deal with more serious issues.

IT Project Costs

Having your 1 internal IT staff member handling projects means:

  • Less day to day IT support while the project is happening
  • Time spend learning and prepping on their own
  • No more qualified engineers to refer to

TQ have separate project and support teams, so if you have a project going with us – the support staff is still running. Every business needs reliability and we can offer that with our very own IT Support Services.

For more on how to save your IT costs by outsourcing your IT, get in touch…