Benefits of E-learning with 365 Cloud Academy
What are the benefits of E-learning? E-learning is the preferred method of learning for many nowadays. Whether it is used exclusively or used in conjunction with a company’s in-house training to enhance the training experience, it is becoming more and more popular.
One benefit of E-learning is that it allows for a more tailored learning experience; users can search for exactly what they want, when they want, rather than spending time on training that may not be relevant to them. Another benefit of E-learning is that often it is more cost effective and cheaper than more traditional methods of training. There is no need to purchase books or pay for classes – as E-learning portals like the 365 Cloud Academy, give users 24/7 online access on a monthly subscription.

Some other benefits of E-learning are:

  • Faster delivery of information – with targeted searches
  • Minimisation of wasted resources – which you can encounter with printed textbooks.
  • A more flexible training experience – users have the option to learn over multiple devices from multiple locations.

Most face-to-face courses are only available during normal office hours. However, E-learning can be accessed 24/7, so users are able to finish course when and where they like; ensuring that disruption is kept to a minimum.


The benefits of E-learning for Organisations:

Everyone learns differently. Some users prefer to learn outside of work, whereas others perform more effectively in an office environment. Therefore, a blended training approach with flexibility for users is key.

Some benefits of E-learning for businesses are:

  • Users have the option to train alongside colleagues or independently
  • Users can apply their training immediately
  • Being able to access training material on multiple devices mean users can watch training videos on their phone whilst completing their task on a PC simultaneously.

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