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What are Callouts in an IT Support Service?

In this quick video in our IT Support breakdown series, our CEO and Founder, Chris, summarised what are callouts and what it might entail. Watch the video or read the transcript below, then if you are interested in hearing more about our support service – visit our full support page here.

What are callouts video transcript:

When you outsource your IT support function, 10 per cent of the time they will need to perform call outs to your site.

Now whether or not that’s your office location, or working from home locations, you can consider that – but 90 per cent they’ll fix remotely via the helpdesk. 10 per cent of the time, the engineers will have to come down to your site and perform the fix actually there, in-situ.

And what’s included in the call out? Well actually, that’s fixing support issues, but it could also be the installation of a single desktop.

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