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We believe that no single type of training fits all, so we’ve developed a blended training approach to cover all your users’ needs

User and Technical Training

What makes TechQuarters different from other managed service providers is our blended training solution to help all users get up to speed quickly on the new Microsoft Cloud technology implemented in your organisation.

We have developed the 365 Cloud Academy which offers Office 365 user training so all staff can understand Office 365 and all its applications. It is an e-learning portal with 1,500+ short videos on how to use Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Business. So you get a return on your investment and users become much more productive and quickly.

We also believe that no single type of training fits all, so we’ve developed a blended training approach to cover all your Office 365 user training needs. Our Classroom training helps to train the trainer as part of the initial stage of an Office 365 implementation.

Our VIP One-to-One training sessions are designed for time challenged senior staff, with highly effective 30 minute sessions. Combine all three types of training to get all your users up to speed quickly.

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Office 365 E-Learning

If you have already decided to move to Microsoft Office 365, then the burning question is, do you feel all your users are adopting the technology and giving you a good return on your investment?

Office 365 currently has 10+ applications and this is always increasing.

TechQuarters has created the 365 Cloud Academy, which is an e-learning portal containing 1,400+ short videos and learning paths on how to use each application, with analytics showing usage and adoption.

Your users can learn all areas of Microsoft Office 365 at their own pace, from sharing files on One-Drive to working on a project within Teams, or even accessing the most used documents in your organisation with Delve.

We have also included some training videos on how to use Windows 10, so the user gets the full experience.

Highly effective 30 minute sessions for time challenged staff

VIP One-to-Ones

All organisations have diverse types of workers who have different availability for training.

As a member of senior management, perhaps you find that full days out of the office for classroom style training just aren’t feasible.

Our blended training approach caters for time challenged people, with short 30 minute 1-to-1 sessions that really give users a quick guided session on specific applications within Microsoft Office 365.

Classroom Style

Are you planning your move to Office 365? Or perhaps you have just moved to it?

Are you worried that all users are not on a planned training programme and may not fully understand how to use the new applications?

Every user needs an initial core essentials training session on Office 365. We typically find that half day classroom training sessions for up to 15 users at a time a works well to get them up and running with the core essentials of Office 365.

Then the on-going e-learning with the 365 Cloud Academy is the perfect fit for a blended training package.

Make the most of your Office 365 with our core essentials training

Earn Microsoft Accreditation with the help of TechQuarters

Technical Training

Being a technical engineer or IT operations staff, getting up to speed on the Microsoft Cloud (whether it is with Microsoft Azure, EMS or perhaps Office 365 Administration) is a key element of your role.

Are you looking to follow Microsoft’s core on-demand curriculum and gain a certification that gives you the ability to progress?

TechQuarters can give you the access to the full Microsoft On-Demand Curriculum and help you become accredited, along with administration training on how to look after the Microsoft Office 365 portal.

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