In 2016, Microsoft Announced a new capability in PowerPoint, enabling users to insert 3D Models to bring their Presentations to life.

The first step is to insert a 3D Model. Click on the Insert Tab, hover over the 3D Models Icon and you can select Online sources or an image from file.

The second step is to position the 3D Model. Users need to hold onto the control Icon and drag the cursor enabling users to change the position or tilt the model in any direction.

There is an alternative way to change the position of the model. In order to do this, users need to right click on the model, click on the views tab and select a position. For example, a side view of the Surface Book.

The last step is to use the Morphe effect which enables users to transition between slides seamlessly. To get the best effect, users need to duplicate a slide, move things around and apply the Morphe Transition.

For more hints and tips on office, features go over to the 365 Cloud Academy YouTube Channel.

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