Here at TechQuarters we like to share our top tips of Office 365 applications, and this time it’s Excels turn! Check out our top 3 Excel tips below!Excel


Excel has some pretty neat tricks but auto-fill is definitely one of our favourites!

Auto-fill saves you a lot of time by filling in the rest of a sequence without you needing to type anything.

For instance if you were trying create a spreadsheet and need all of the months lined up in a row, you only need to type in ‘January’ and use auto-fill to gain the other 11 months.

You can use the auto-fill feature by clicking, holding and dragging the bottom right corner of the cell downwards. Check out our screenshots below for visuals!

Excel screenshot 1

Clicking, holding and dragging the cell

Excel screenshot 2

The result!


Filtering is handy to have on an application like Excel where there’s usually so much data to process.

By highlighting your data and selecting the ‘Filter’ option in the ‘Data’ tab, you’ll notice that the top cell of your data will be given a drop down menu.

This drop down menu lets you filter your data alphabetically, by colour, by selection or even with text filters!

Below are some screenshots of filtering actually in use!

Excel 3

Activating Filter

Excel 4

Filtering Menu

Excel 5

Filtered Alphabetically

Removing Duplicates

In Excel, it’s easy to write the same thing twice when you’re working with so much data and using a wide selection of cells.

Accidentally adding duplicates to a list is a common mistake, but can also be problematic when trying to obtain correct results on a spreadsheet.

Excel offers a ‘Remove Duplicates’ feature which you can use to completely erase any duplicates that you missed!

So now you can type in your data without the worry or making a mistake, just simply highlight your data, and select ‘Remove Duplicates’ in the Data tab.

In the screenshot below, you’ll see that we’ve purposes duplicated the employee ‘James’ to show you how to remove duplicate feature works!

Excel 7

Using ‘Remove Duplicates’


excel 8

The removal of the duplicate value


So there are our top 3 Excel tips! We hope they help you in your future Excel use!

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