Welcome to another TechQuarters blog, in this edition we’ll be talking about the new version of SharePoint and discussing all of the changes you may have noticed.


SharePoint’s new OneDrive design

You may have noticed a large visual difference on the homepage of SharePoint, however, if you’re a frequent user of OneDrive you most likely won’t have any issues.

The new SharePoint design is heavily based off of the OneDrive look; with your files and folders dominating the main screen and also introducing the addition of certain features found in OneDrive. Find more about the features further on!

New Look SharePoint

New SharePoint Design





New Ribbon

One new feature for SharePoint is the updated ribbon.

Microsoft have introduced a new ribbon activation method for SharePoint so that you can access all the available functions.

What this means is, when you have not selected any documents, the ribbon only shows the basic functions such as ‘New’, ‘Upload’ and ‘Sync’. However. when you select a document or folder, the rest of the options appear. See the screenshots below for a visual example.


New ribbon

Options before selecting document


New ribbon 2

After selecting a document

Sub sites Location

One noticeable difference with the new SharePoint is the removal of sub site boxes that were on the front of the home screen.

Many people found the boxes were easily accessible and a great way to reach the sub site relevant to you, they were removed to make more room for your documents and folders. Primarily designed to actually make SharePoint easier to navigate through.

Although the boxes were removed, your sub sites also still reside on the left hand side of the screen and are still accessible from the home page!


Old sub sites location

new subsites

New sub sites location


Comparison of the Old and New SharePoint

This SharePoint update hasn’t actually been delivered to Office subscriptions yet, but will be distributed within the next few months. So keep in mind the upcoming update to your SharePoint and remain prepared for its release!

If you do have any further questions about SharePoint or Office 365, you can call us on 0800 148 8001 or email tellmemore@techquarters.com

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