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The New OneNote – Some New Features

If you’re already a user of Microsoft’s OneNote application, you’ll know just how much of a handy tool it truly is! OneNote is a digital note-taking app that allows users the freedom to create lists, tabs, sheets, notepads, and more, that are unique in their design so as to be as personal as possible.

OneNote is centred around making the user’s experience as easy as possible, it is a cross-platform application that brings all your notes together into one portable space that can be easily accessed, edited, and shared if need be.

OneNote Update 2021

Later this year, Microsoft will be releasing a new update to their OneNote experience – there have been some additions as well as the removal of older, no longer useful, tools. Let’s take a look at a few of the features we’re keen on using when the update becomes available.


The ’Sync’ Feature

Microsoft has introduced the ability to sync notebooks automatically, as well as being able to now download all files and images in one click if needed.

The ‘Pen’ Feature

You will now have the option to show the Tablet PC Input Panel on OneNote pages.

The ‘OneNote Feed’ Feature

We love this one – The OneNote Feed feature is used to import and view notes from a few different application – Windows Sticky Notes, Samsung Notes, Outlook Notes, as well as OneNote.