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Welcome to another TechQuarters blog, in this edition we’ll be showing you the incredible Microsoft Translator App and all of it’s different functions.

What is the Microsoft Translator App?

The Microsoft Translator app is exactly what it says in the title! It’s an app that allows you to translate any word, phrase or paragraph into another language of your choice!

Perfect for your mobile devices!

This app comes in handy for all kinds of scenarios including going away on holiday, learning new languages or even just communicating with someone who speaks a different language.

Online and Offline Translation

Microsoft Translator has now introduced offline translation for iOS and Android devices, which other translation apps such as Google are yet to do.

You can now download languages of your choice straight from the app, which will then allow you translation capabilities while you’re offline.

Typing Translation

Translator has multiple options for translating language, but the most popular way of doing this is known is simply typing your phrase out.

With Microsoft Translator, you’re able to type out your words and phrases and then manually choose what language you want it to be translated to.

Camera Translation

Camera translation seems very advanced even by today’s standards! Microsoft Translator gives you the capability to use your camera on text and be able to get a clear translation!

For instance, you could hover your camera over a poster that’s written in Chinese, and your camera will then recognize the form of the text and then translate it to English for you! (Or into another language of your choice).

Voice Translation

A quicker option is the voice translation function. This function allows you to speak into your device and receive a translation while you speak!

It’s great being able to speak your own language and then receive an instant translation, it’s an incredible feature especially if you’re trying to learn a new language.

This function even allows you to have a conversation with someone across different devices! For instance, if you say something in your language, on the recipients device, it will appear in their language so you can have a fluent conversation, no matter what language you speak!

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