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In this video on Support Team structure, our CEO & Founder, Chris, goes over what you should be looking for when shopping for an IT Support provider – as it’s important to know the helpdesk is well organised with a managed in terms of support team structure. Watch the video or else read the transcribed text below that, then if you are interested in our IT Support Service – give us a call on the number or email at the bottom of the page.
When you’re looking at outsourcing your IT support you’ll probably want to look at the structure of the helpdesk or the support service; and what we mean by that is what does the team look like?

So, typically you might find some Support Team Leaders and the TLs would be ‘player managers’ so to speak, looking after maybe four or five engineers at a time. So perhaps a team leader per pod of five engineers. And then, overall, you would get the team leaders that would report to the Head of Support, or the Support Manager.

The Support Manager shouldn’t really be performing any fixes. They would be looking at the call queues, and making sure all the cases are being moved on and making sure the engineers are performing well and updating their cases with the right history notes; and make sure that they’re tiptop in-touch with the latest technology. So allocating them good training plans and making sure that the whole knowledge on the helpdesk is moving forward.

And then the most important thing is, its about retention of those engineers and the experience as its important to know that actually those engineers are being well looked after and they respect their Support Manager. So if the support manager has been there for five years or more that’s a good indications.