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The Brand New Microsoft Lumia 950/XL

Welcome to another TechQuarters blog, in this edition we’ll be showing the incredible Microsoft Lumia 950/XL phone and some of its great functions!
Lumia 950 with Windows Continuum

Windows continuum is a new product released by Microsoft that can be used with Microsoft Lumia 950 or 950XL.

Simply connect your Lumia using Windows Continuum as shown in the Gif to the right.

One great feature of this product is being able to use Windows Continuum to connect your phone to your PC monitor! This will enable you to use your mobile, as if it’s your PC.

Some of the capabilities available include checking your emails, working on documents on your computer while still have the option to make phone calls on texts on your mobile device separately.

One other great feature of this is actually being able to use your phone camera, and see the results on your PC screen, also shown in Gif to the right.

You can even save the picture straight to your computer one it’s been captured.


 Brand new 4K camera

An amazing new addition to the Lumia branch is the 4K camera added to the 950/XL!

4K allows you take incredible, beyond HD pictures and videos all from your mobile device.

To put the camera quality into perspective, 4K cameras are actually what a lot of cinematographers use for massive blockbuster movies such as Star Wars or Jurassic World!

So if you’re ever on a holiday or a business trip and want to snap a quick picture or video for everyone back at the office, you can do it in the best quality available.

Office Apps and Faster charging

The Lumia 950 goes a step further with the strong benefit of fast charging. Your Lumia will be charged by 50% in under half an hour.

What makes the Lumia a unique model of phone brand is that they focus on convenience, alongside the faster charging you also have the benefit or receiving a 12 month personal Office 365 deal with your phone.

This means you’ll have access to all of the great Office apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint in your hand, on you all the time!


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