Are you looking for a project management tool that everyone can use to plan their days, weeks and months ahead? Do your users have a lot on their plate, managing several projects at once and having difficulty staying on top of it? With Microsoft 365 Business your users can have access to great productivity applications, like Microsoft Planner, to help them manage projects and meet those deadlines.  

Save costs on Project Management Tool  

Projects can be expensive as they are often one off large expenditures, but managing them can cost almost as much! Why spend a significant amount hiring a project manager when your team can do it themselves? According to Total Jobs, a project manager on average costs a business £54,000 a year, to help organise and manage multiple projects in a business. This is to ensure there are low risks, better productivity and that everything is running smoothly for the business.  

 Apart from costs, there’s disadvantages to having a Project Manager from outside the team. There is a lot of pressure on one person to manage multiple projects across teams and departments they may not have knowledge in – so probably have to have multiple meetings with the team anyway. With Microsoft Planner, users can be assigned responsibilities based on their expertise, gain some project management skills and work together. Teamwork makes the dream work they say! Microsoft Planner is included in the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Subscription, its single price per user per month which is great as there’s no upfront cost involved and easily scalable. So if you’re already on office 365, you probably already have this project management tool – another way to save costs, by using a tool you already have. 

Break Projects Down with Microsoft Planner 

Finding it difficult to prioritise your tasks? Is it all starting to pile up? Your staff just need a project management tool that helps them plan not just one, but multiple projects. In Microsoft Planner, users can break down their tasks with buckets. The bucket feature helps users to categorise projects in columns so it’s easier to view them. For example, your Events Manager is planning an internal company event and customer event. It’s challenging to plan two events and can often becoming stressful. They can utilise Planner to separate the two events and plan it better. It enables users to add labels, notes and deadlines to each task so there’s detail when needed and the tasks are still simple and clear to see.  

Project Management Tool

Easy Assigning and Tracking of Tasks 

Are team leaders in your business struggling to delegate and manage not only their own tasks, but their teams? When working on a project, it can be so easy to focus on your own tasks without realising that your co-workers are not meeting their deadlines. With a great project management tool like Microsoft Planner, Team Leaders can assign tasks to each member and set a deadline so they are aware of when the tasks is to be completed by. Users can create cards (cards are an element in Planner that allows you to put the task, deadline and the team member it’s assigned to) underneath the relevant bucket. The team member will then receive notifications on tasks they need to complete and will see what’s expected of them. This is great as it increases the communication within the business without users having to e-mail back and forth or say it verbally, but not get written anywhere,  and communication breaks down and tasks get lost. In Microsoft Planner, users can see progress analytics showing the progress of the team making it easier for Head of Departments of teams to see if they’re behind or ahead on a project and what can be done about it.  

Project Management Tool

Project Management Tool that is Simple for Everyone  

It’s an obstacle in itself to introduce new software to the team, it’s another hurdle training them on it. With Microsoft Planner, your team can get straight into using the product because it’s just that simple & easy to use. There are so many project management toolthat are complicated for users and eventually they stop using it as it makes organising a lot more difficult than it should be. In Microsoft Planner, users can see what tasks they have to complete and to update their progress with the task is super easy. All they have to do is check three options, ‘Not Started, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Complete’ so everyone has visibility too. Overall, it’s great and simple making it ideal for those super organised people and the not- so organised people. 

Planner – Progress

Overall, you can see the many benefits of what a project management tool like Microsoft Planner can do for you and your organisation. It’s a cost-saving solution for those fast paced work environments, that’s clear and simple to use. Microsoft also work  hard and consistently update products to improve their applications by bringing in new features. If you’re already on Microsoft 365 and constantly managing projects – you must utilise this. 

 If you are already on Microsoft Planner, and don’t feel your utilising it the best you can – we  have a great a training solution to help uses learn about the advanced features in Microsoft Planner so they can effectively plan projects. Our training solution is a web app known as the 365 Cloud Academy and it houses up to 2000 videos on ‘How to use’ Microsoft 365 products/apps. It’s great for larger organisations who roll out new tech and want all their users trained on it.  

If you would like to know more about Microsoft 365 and it’s great project management tool – Microsoft Planner – get in touch on 0800 148 8001 or email  

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