Microsoft To-Do is the latest component of Office 365, and offers a simple, yet intelligent To Do list which makes it easier to plan your day. Here are TechQuarters 3 best features of Microsoft To-Do, that’ll help users increase productivity, become more organised and decrease stress.


To-Do – How to Restore a Deleted To-Do

Deleting to-dos is very easy on Microsoft To-Do, meaning it’s also easy to accidentally delete one before you’re finished with it! Thankfully, to-dos are not only stored on Microsoft To-Do, but also on Exchange Online, and Outlook Tasks.

This means users can recover deleted to-do’s simply by accessing Outlook.
Whilst in Outlook, users can select deleted items, where they can choose which tasks to recover.

Once the desired tasks have been selected, right click, and choose Move to Task. By doing this, the deleted to-dos will re-appear under their original lists in Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft To-Do 3 Best Features

Import to-dos from Wunderlist

One of the other great features of Microsoft To-Do allows users to transfer to-dos from Wunderlist. This is convenient for those who no longer intend on using Wunderlist, and will instead be organizing their lists on Microsoft To-Do. This also means that all lists and tasks will be accessible through other Microsoft products such as Exchange and Outlook Tasks.

To do this, users must go into the settings of Microsoft To-Do, and select Start Importing Now.
Users will then be asked which to-do app they are currently using, so in this instance, they will select Wunderlist. From here they can select which lists to transfer from Wunderlist.

After selecting which lists to transfer, users will be taken to another screen which asks How do you want sub-tasks to be imported? This is because Microsoft To-Do does not currently support sub-tasks. So instead users will have the option to import sub-tasks as a “note on the to-do item”, or as “individual to-do items”

Once decided, users can finish up by click Start Importing, and thus, your to-dos have been imported from Wunderlist into Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft To-Do 3 best features

How to add suggestion to My Day

To-Do also allows users to view suggestions, and offers the feature to add them into My Day, so that you can make sure to focus on that task.

By going to My Day and clicking the light bulb symbol, users will be taken to the suggestions page. Here, users will be able to see which to-dos were meant to be completed at previous dates, as well as a list of suggestions which To-Do has selected from your different lists.

Here, users can easily click on the cross icon next to any of these to-dos, resulting in that to-do being added to My Day.

This is great as you may look through your suggestions and see a to-do that should be completed immediately, so adding it in My Day will help remind you of its importance.

Microsoft To-Do 3 best features

So, these are our chosen best 3 features of Microsoft To-Do! We hope these help you in your daily use of To-Do!

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