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How to choose the right Telephony Service for your business?

Are you worried about your current business telephony service not being up to scratch? Are you concerned you could be losing out on business because your phone systems aren’t working well? Are you aware of the different types of telephony services you could be using?  

We have developed a trusted Telephony Service Offering that is guaranteed to keep your telephony systems running smoothly. We help to fully set up, manage, and maintain your entire telephonic system ensuring minimal downtime if any issues do occur.

Our Telephony Service Packages Include:

  • Cost-effective plans as low as £10 per month for 1200 minutes per user 
  • Call Attendants on hand to answer incoming calls for you 
  • Flow Processes to handle where calls go to, and which teams receive which incoming calls 
  • Links up with Microsoft Teams through Microsoft 365 
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At TechQuarters, we have set up thousands of different telephony services for our clients over the years. Each and every company, no matter what kind or sector it finds itself in, will need a reliable telephony solution.

The options out there are quite wide and varied, but one of our best is the Microsoft 365 Business Voice Package. Business Voice is what we call Internet Telephony, and its Internet Telephony at its best!  

So many businesses are making use of applications such as Microsoft Teams to help their teams stay connected. They are also using them to reach more customers, so making sure your telephony system is right for you is super important. 

Telephony Systems are tricky to set up and maintain – trust us, we know! They involve complicated designing and intricate set up that matches exactly what your business would need – this includes call paths, support lines, etc.

No matter what your system may need, our qualified teams have the right tools and knowledge to help get it working in the best way possible and maintain your telephony systems for the future too.

Why our Telephony Service is the best fit for you:

Traditional work phone setups just aren’t able to do what we need them to do nowadays – many companies have actually done away with old-school telephones completely and use their Microsoft Teams or cloud-based telephony systems in their place. If your business is needing to update your telephony, or just needing more assistance in terms of handling incoming calls for example, our teams are able to do so with ease.

Get in touch with us today and let’s see how we can help bring your businesses telephony forward and make sure it’s supporting your teams and helping them to work in more efficient and collaborative ways. We’d love to help you!