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TechQuarters TV with Glenn Woolaghan


Here at TechQuarters TV, we started a brand new series with our Guest Host Glenn Woolaghan, Partner Development Lead at Microsoft. In this series, we cover topics from Diversity and Inclusion to Quantum Computing and Artifical Intelligence.

Episode 1: Diversity and Inclusion

In this video, we learn more about Glenn and his interests and Hobbies. Glenn also mentions his thoughts on Diversity and not to forget Inclusion. He stresses that alongside with Diversity, there is Inclusion which is ” Whoever you are, come as you are and speak your mind without the fear of being judged’ and how important Diversity and Inclusion is when it comes to success. The more diverse a team is the more successful they are.

Episode 2: OCP

In this video, we learn what One Commercial Partner is and how it is landing with Partners. We also cover how important it is for a partner to identify what their unique selling point, IP and the information is updated on Partner Centre. Lastly, we end this episode with the recent changes at Microsoft and what Microsoft Value. One of the main priorities is to grow the core of the business which means supporting customers who have an on-premise infrastructure, secondly, Microsoft has a responsibility to create new Markets, for example, Open Source and the final thing is to help Partners transform so they can meet the ever demanding needs of customers.

Episode 3 with Glenn: Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, we kick off with Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence, what it is and how SMBs can get involved with Machine learning. This series comes to an end with fun questions where we learn some more about Glenn and his hidden talents. Overall, we just want to say, it was a pleasure having Glenn Woolaghan as our second TQTV guest this year and we wish you the best!


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