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TechQuarters TV with Glenton Davis

Glenton Davis Interview

TechQuarters started off a new TQTV interview with Glenton Davis – Product Strategist at Microsoft HQ in Seattle. He is our first American guest at TechQuarters TV, so we started off the new series with fun questions about the States. In this series, we cover topics from ODO Marketing Platform to Microsoft Global Stories.

Episode 1: Get to know Glenton Davis

In this episode, we get to know more about Glenton and UK Partners. We thought we would kick off this episode, by getting to know more about Glenton and how partner relationships are vital in helping organisations achieve more.

Episode 2: What is ODO?

In this video, we get the exclusives on ODO. Glenton explains the features and how this product can benefit partners and organisations when it comes to content curation. Sending the right message at the right time to make sure it reaches the right audience.

Episode 3: Microsoft Global Stories

In this episode, we learn more about Microsoft’s latest projects in helping organisations collaborate and work more efficiently. We also learn a bit more about Satya Nadella and his key values. This episode reflects how technology is helping organisations to achieve more and positively impact the world.

Episode 4: Fun Questions

In this episode, we end of the series with light fun questions. We get to know all the best places to visit in Vegas and Glenton’s favourite drink. It was an absolute pleasure having Glenton as our TechQuarters TV Guest and also for travelling all the way from America to see us!

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