Welcome to TechQuarters blog, in this weekly update you will find 9 useful Outlook Shortcuts that the TechQuarters team use every day!

We know that time is of the essence for any business, so these nifty little techniques will help you!

Top 3 Shortcuts Voted by TechQuarters Sales Team:

1. New Email – CTRL/N

Everyone at TQ sends a lot of emails on a daily basis, so saving time is always helpful so we can achieve other tasks.  That’s why this is such a useful shortcut for when you’re constantly sending emails to different people, it’s simple, fast and efficient!

2.  Refresh Emails – F9

Another shortcut for Emails is the key F9, this allows you refresh your emails instantly and more quickly than actually searching for the refresh button and clicking it every single time.

3. Forward Emails – CTRL/F

Here at TQ, everyone forwards email all the time due to working together on so many different topics and projects, so this nifty little shortcut comes in really handy for all of us

Top 3 Shortcuts Voted by TechQuarters Marketing Team:

4. Reply to All – Ctrl/Shift/R

This one is extremely helpful, it saves you having to reply to each person individually which would consume a ridiculous amount of time! A really useful shortcut.

5. Reply – Ctrl/R

Much like the reply all shortcut, this is just as helpful, giving you quick reply access but one single recipient

6. Check Spelling – F7

One great shortcut is the F7 key, it checks all of the spelling within an email, this is such an important aspect of Emails, because you want to sound professional! So this shortcut helps!

Top 3 Shortcuts Voted by TechQuarters IT Support Team:

7.  Mark Email as Unread – CTRL/U

IT Support receive an incredible number of Emails, meaning sometimes they may want to mark some as unread so they know to come back to it later, very useful for them and also for the other employees in different sectors.

8. Mark as Read – CTRL/Q

Voted by the IT Support team, they also enjoy the shortcut for marking Emails as read! This is because it helps remove clutter and stay organized

9. Save Draft – CTRL/S

 Saving drafts is always good for when you need to send an email at a later time, but want to have it pre-prepared and this is a quick way of saving a draft!

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