Welcome to another TechQuarters blog, in this edition we’ll be showing you some of our favourite tips and tricks to use on OneNote, a component of Office 365

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Conversion Tool

Unique to OneNote, you are actually given a conversion tool. This tool allows you to write letters, numbers or even shapes down using a stylus as if it were pen to paper, once written, you are able to choose the ‘Lasso’ tool to then select your writing/drawing.

One you’ve selected the area, you will be able to convert your writing to typography! If you’ve drawn a shape, your shape will be converted to an accurate representation of the shape, rather than an obscure drawing.

It’s very helpful for if you’ve ever forgotten the keyboard to your surface or tablet and need to write quickly.


Show Authors

A lot of people working within a team like to share OneNote pages and add on different bits for each other to read.

If you’re scrolling through OneNote you’ll probably find all kinds of different image files, video files, audio recording and obviously notes.

If lots of people are working on this OneNote section and you need to keep track of different pieces of information, it can be difficult. Luckily with OneNote, you have a ‘Show Authors’ option which will actually section off part of your notes to display who has written what so that you can stay on top of your notes and your team.

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Section Colours

Everyone will need different sections for different notes, some people have 10 – 15 different sections so that all of their information doesn’t get clogged into one page. section colour

OneNote managed to tackle this issue by offering ‘Section Colours’. This, along with being able to rename your sections, allows you to make your sections more distinguishable.

You can personally organize your note sections to suit your preferred colour code or even just colour your sections for the sake of making your OneNote more colourful!

All of these tips are covered with Office 365 training!


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