Every year, during the nice summer period, TechQuarters organises a Rounders Evening for the whole company at Battersea Park! I mean who doesn’t love a game of rounders?

2 Games. 2 Teams. Who will win?

The beginning of the evening, both team captains chose their players at random to keep it fair. Game 1 started at 8:00, Team1 consisted of Mark O Dell (Captain), Arnie Partridge, Emma Reardon, Sihon Maledon, Philip Conor, Emma Reardon and Micheal Anderson. Team 1 played fielders. Team 2 who were batting consisted of Rezwana Uddin (Captain), Elly Smith, Simon Allen Fairey, Hardy Skogstad, Micheal Brown, Chris Dunning and Liam Dillion!

As you can see the pressure is on! We had some strong batters in Team 2, Rezwana Uddin, Liam Dillion and Simon Allen Fairey who got half the team round– which is fantastic! Great team effort, unfortunately, Team 1 lost to Team 2 by 2 and a half points!

Rounders evening game 2

Changing it up – Second Rounders Game!

Rounders 2018

In the second game, Team 1 was batting first, they just wanted to get straight in. Team 1 consisted of Chris Dunning (Captain), Rezwana Uddin, Elly Smith, Emma Reardon, Philip Connor, Arnie Partridge and Michael Anderson. Team 2 consisted of Mark O Dell (Captain) Simon Allen Fairey, Liam Dillion, Michael Brown, Hardy Skogstad and Sihon Maledon. So the final results? Team 1 got a total of 7 points in comparison to Team 2 who wins with 9 points!

Overall it was a great evening and we really encourage holding annual sporting events like this for your organisation to help build teamwork and great business culture. Be sure to follow us Instagram to see what real company culture looks like!

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