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Recently TechQuarters had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Burns from TSG. Paul is the Chief Technology Officer who is responsible for looking after the pre-sales team at TSG, products and working on partnerships to help with their delivery.

Why choose TechQuarters?

TSG felt that the 365 Cloud Academy Training Solution was a perfect filer for a gap TSG had for training and enablement for their clients.

How has the partnership evolved?

With TechQuarters’ help TSG have now begun introducing the 365 Cloud Academy to their existing clients. They are also running a pilot programme, which involves bundling the training solution with Office 365 to provide an end-to-end solution for clients. The new bundle is really attractive to clients as it’s a great innovation piece that is constantly being developed by TechQuarters with even more newly added features soon to be announced at Microsoft Inspire.

What does the future look like for TSG?

TSG is currently in the pilot phase of bundling the 365 Cloud Academy. They’re also on a mission to roll out the 365 Cloud Academy to users who don’t have Office 365 yet and provide them with the end- to-end solution, displaying the capabilities of Office 365 with great training.

Overall, it has been a great journey with TSG, long live the partnership and looking forward to future successes.

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