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Top 5 Reasons to Switch to TechQuarters for Your Microsoft 365 Licensing and Support

Are you worried about the price increases in March regarding your Microsoft licensing, and want to mitigate them in some way? Are you concerned that your present IT partner might not be able to help and that they simply aren’t proactive enough, offering you support, training and rewards for placing your licenses with them?

At TechQuarters, we specialize in providing world-class licensing advice, with the additional benefit of 24/7 IT support, personalized training and adoptions services as well.

We’ve seen many companies who are blindly purchasing licenses, paying too much for what they actually don’t need, and are not receiving any of the benefits that a Managed Service Provider and Microsoft Tier 1 Partner can give them.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, TechQuarters are more than well placed to review and support your Microsoft licenses, as well as your teams with the training and support we provide.

Top 5 reasons to switch to TechQuarters for all your IT Support and Microsoft 365 Licensing needs:

  • Specialist licensing advice to optimize your spend
  • 24/7 IT support from a Managed service provider
  • 2000+ training videos and 50+ playlists on how to use Microsoft 365
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Cloud Support+ (Our rewards program for placing your licenses with TechQuarters)

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