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Office 365 is all about flexible and more efficient working – but this only works if you know the applications inside and out. The core of what we do at TechQuarters is IT Support, but this doesn’t have to just translate to purely technology support.

Make the most of your investment by ensuring everyone on your team knows exactly how to use Office 365 with the TechQuarters Cloud Academy. We provide an annual, renewable ‘Cloud Adoption Training Package’ which will get your team up to speed on Office 365 solutions, once you’ve migrated.

Top reasons to learn Office 365:

1. Improve Workforce Productivity

The better you know a product the more effectively you’ll be able to use it, plus these tools are designed to improve your productivity.

Ease of access coupled with good knowledge of the tools could save your workforce valuable time as well as the business money as you’ll get more from your employees.

If you take the time to train staff properly on the products, they could save up to half an hour a week – which in a 50 person company is over a full day’s work!

2. Get People Collaborating and Communicating Better

Fully take advantage of tools like Lync, SharePoint and Delve and get your whole business on the same page and working together.

Soon colleagues will be instant messaging on Lync automatically (getting answers in half the time compared to email) and holding meetings with screen sharing, video chatting, PowerPoint presenting etc, both within the company and with clients outside of it.

3. Experts and resources on hand

How often do you find yourself searching online for answers to questions about tools such as Excel and Outlook?

Why waste time struggling to find answers when you can learn from an expert, and have the resources from your training not only available but familiar to you – so you can easily find the answer whenever you need.

Once you’ve been over it with our trainer you’ll both have the basic knowledge as well as access to our Cloud Academy resources, so your team will always have a reference point for the little questions you need answers to quickly.

4. Although there are a lot of familiar applications, you need to master the bonus features too

Although most people will probably think they already know all they need to know about programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc, there are also same great extra features you really should master too.

Learn how to use both the online and offline versions, how to share documents so multiple users can work on them together from different locations and the improved ‘Save As’ and ‘Open’ features that once which will only add to your working time – if you know how.

5. Get real flexibility for your business

Office 365 boasts web-enabled anytime, anywhere access – which is probably why you got it!However, unless you learn how to fully utilise tools such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Delve etc you’ll make it much harder for you to access all your documents from anywhere.

Your employees natural instinct will be to carry on using your new system like you old, which won’t make it as effective or take full advantage of your company’s investment. Get the knowledge and you can actually put ‘flexible working’ into play.

For more information about our Cloud Academy Training, download our PDF now! Get in touch to get on board in the New Year