TechQuarters is proud to announce that we’ve reached 2 Million this year, beating our target yet again! In light of this great achievement, CEO Chris Dunning decided to throw a party to celebrate.

Pizza Party & A speech!

Who doesn’t love pizza and some family time? Well, here at TechQuarters we love pizza and speeches, especially when made by Chris Dunning who expressed his appreciation and love for the Team.

Who won Junkyard Golf?

The team had a great time playing the 9-hole mini- course called ‘Movie Mash- Up’ themed after famous movies. Our personal favourite was ‘Lord of the Blings’.TechQuarters split into three groups, one team full of marketers, one team full of sales and last but not least technical. Overall, it was great competitive fun.

Here are the results…

1st came Mark O Dell, getting round the course in only 24 shots, followed closely by Chris Dunning who got 25 and last but not least Simon who got round in 28. Overall great effort from everyone but a big well done to these 3!

What makes a great team?

We do! At TechQuarters we pride ourselves at being the best when it comes to collaboration and teamwork. We’re motivated, dedicated and hardworking individuals who really care about the business and what it stands for. We care about our customers and their IT experience.
Here are a few quotes that really highlight what a great company culture is and how you can empower your workforce to achieve more.

“Make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, has a meaningful impact and is contributing to the good of society.” – Larry Page, CEO of Google

‘’You want to set goals that you can hit, so when you start hitting them, you can celebrate those wins. People start trusting in your way of projecting the business. — Wiley Cerilli, Founder and former CEO of Single Platform

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