Large or SMB Businesses rely on highly skilled and collaborative teams to increase efficiency when providing services and products. We, at TechQuarters, are experts at Office 365 migration, change management and team collaboration. Providing you with all the solutions to build collaborative and efficient teams within your business.

Digital Transformation & Remote Working

Office 365 online applications enable users to access their documents from their mobile devices and other portable devices to work remotely from home or on the go.

Businesses can often become stumped when confronted with change management. The ability to work remotely from the cloud and connect with external and internal stakeholders through online portals as well as desktop applications, can seem scary to businesses who rely solely on servers. This is where TechQuarters comes in.

To know more about digital transformation, visit our site or have a read of our previous blogs on how to adjust to the new changing working environment.

Why is team collaboration important?

Businesses want to improve customer satisfaction and brand awareness therefore it’s important to leverage tools to utilise team collaboration to achieve this. Team collaboration is important especially for large projects that need to be completed in a short period. Team working is healthy for the staff within an organisation and improves work performance and motivation within the business.

Users need to leverage tools that will make them more flexible and efficient when communicating effectively with their team members. Office 365 applications such as Yammer, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype for Business enables users communicate instantly. Office 365 applications is great for social networking purposes, finance, admin and many other roles. Office 365 allows the whole organisation to communicate effectively from different locations, from different departments and become an interconnected workforce.

Skype for Business – Enables users to connect with their team using features such as VoIP services to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your Office 365.

Microsoft Teams – One platform that has access to outlook, skype for business and many more is Microsoft Teams. This application enables users to work online simultaneously with instant messaging features. Microsoft Teams is ideal for large projects and campaigns as its clear, fast and easy to use.

Yammer – Yammer is the social network for businesses. A user simply signs up with an email address from company’s domain to be a part of this company exclusive network. There is also a feature that allows external groups or individuals to be added such as suppliers, partner and many more. Yammer also enables users to share files and collaborate with others.

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