Blenheim Triathlon 2018

Blenheim Triathlon 2018

Just over a week ago, TechQuarters participated in the Bloodwise Blenheim Palace Triathlon 2018. We divided ourselves into 4 teams and competed in a variety of races. These races included sprints, cycling and swimming. We’re very proud of our teams, particularly the...
Single Price Per User Package

Single Price Per User Package

Are you looking for a single piece of software to run your whole business?  Our Microsoft 365 Business single price-per-user package incorporates: Microsoft 365 Business, award-winning IT support and training. Microsoft 365 Business is the right solution for you, it...

Microsoft Technology

Here are some of the reasons why we think, users should adopt Microsoft technology. Not only do they create products and services that will benefit businesses and individuals who love to create and innovate, but they also provide us with incredible tools that can be...

Next webinar session is September 23rd at 10am:

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Join our webinar exploring how we can help you reduce your ongoing IT costs, without compromising on quality or user productivity.

AGENDA: 10-11 AM

  • Hardware, devices and telephony
  • Collaboration & communications
  • Remote desktop setup
  • Remote working capabilities and practices
  • IT security and secure data practices
  • Q&A

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