Sway has some fantastic features, one of them being the templates section. We’ll be showing you some of the fantastic templates you can use in Sway to help guide you through building a great presentation.

Blog Template

Did you know that an average of 64.9 million blog posts are made every month on the social sharing site WordPress? Also in July 2016, it was recorded that there was a record number of over 305 million blogs currently existing on the social media site Tumblr!

Blogs have become mainstream and Sway recognises this by offering you a template to help you build your own blog!

This template provides you with a pre-set layout to help you build your average blog. Beginning with the blog entry title, followed by heading cards, background cards, image cards and text cards.

Once you’ve filled in all of the details and added your images and backgrounds, go ahead and preview it to see how it looks!


Professional Profile (CV)

If you’re just coming out of education, trying to find a new job or even just want to freshen up your CV, Sway has the perfect template for you!

Sway provides your CV with a more modern look by allowing you to even add visuals to your CV! For instance, if you’re a trained photographer and are applying for photography job, you could apply some of your best photos to the background of the CV.

You’ll also be provided with pre-set Sway cards that allow you to type out all of the necessary contact information such as name, email, phone number and also your previous job experience.


Student Report

This one is for your average school or university student, but can also be used to create fantastic reports for your company.

This particular template provides you with a layout meant to display information, so it has a lot of title cards and text box cards.

It also divides the layout into sections so that you can keep a well maintained writing piece and ensure it doesn’t become over-filled with information.

So if you’re looking to create a report any time soon, head on over to Sway!


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