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Sustainability IT Services

Sustainability IT Service

Are you considering becoming a more sustainable company by reducing your carbon footprint? Do you want to lower your carbon emissions as a company? Perhaps you are already in the process of reaching your goals and are want to learn how technology can aid you in this pursuit?

TechQuarters are committed to sustainability, enabling remote working, reducing travel to a minimum and harnessing Cloud tech to reduce our own footprint. We are a ‘born in the cloud’ partner of Microsoft’s and have been helping companies easily move to a cloud-based system for a decade and more.

Our Sustainability Packages include:

  • Reducing carbon footprint through Cloud Solutions
  • Reducing carbon emissions using sustainable tech
  • Using eco-friendly hardware and systems
  • Enforcing eco-design and energy labels
  • Reducing hardware breakages and costs
  • Eliminating need for on-premise servers
  • Full cloud-based secure storage
  • 24/7 support desk help and support
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Together, we can advise and work on reducing your carbon footprint, using all the latest sustainable technology.

Here at TechQuarters, we are on a mission to certify our organization as carbon neutral with the Carbon trust.

We are already leaps ahead of where we were 2 years ago, by moving all our organization infrastructure to the cloud and buying carbon efficient devices for all staff, whilst implementing a work from home practice to reduce travel.

Microsoft is on a journey to cut its own emissions by more than a half by 2030, and they aim to remove their carbon foot print by 2050.

The science of climate change is clear. The world must reach “net zero” emissions and reduce as much carbon as it emits each year. The Carbon Benefits of Cloud Computing white paper is good read from Microsoft.

What are the common levels of carbon footprint for organisations?

Carbon Neutral

Your organization can be carbon neutral by either reducing your emissions or paying to offset emissions. E.g. You may pay to keep trees flourishing and not chopping them down to improve emissions and provide an offset for your organization, in the calculations.

Net Zero

Your organisations is considered to be net zero, when you remove as much carbon as you emit.

Carbon Negative

And finally, the perfect world is to be carbon negative. This is where you have removed more carbon that you emit as an organization.

What are organisations doing right now to reduce their footprint using technology?

Its important to assess your present carbon footprint, using sustainability tools, designed to take a snap shot of your present level. Working with the right partner to do this would be important. TechQuarters has a consultancy division that helps audit your present technology and they give you a tailored report to explain what level of footprint you have at present.

Once you have assessed your level, then TechQuarters can recommend technology solutions that help your organization move toward a better rating or carbon footprint. We have selected key vendors that are focused on reducing carbon footprint using technology.

This includes the use of Microsoft Cloud solutions for sustainability and hardware devices such as HP’s sustainable PC portfolio that are carbon reducing.

How can these Microsoft Cloud solutions make you more carbon efficient?

You don’t have to go green from scratch, Microsoft has already done a lot of work for you. For instance you can move some of your workloads to Microsoft Azure and get the benefit of their backup generators using less carbon-intensive fuels, such as natural gas or synthetic diesel as opposed to diesel fuel. Microsoft Data centres have found ways to provide clean backup with hydrogen, utilise clean energy and are shifting more towards a direct green energy supply.

The Azure data centres have implemented new cooling methods, which in turn lowers the power consumption and also eliminating water consumption. The advanced chips today are doing more work than ever and are simply too hot to run with conventional air cooling. Microsoft have found clever ways or immersing the chips on server blades in low-boil dialectic fluid, which improves latencies and throughput for better performance and lower energy consumption. Short term energy measures to replace generators with long-duration batteries in Azure, also gives energy back to the grid and reduces emissions. These grid interactive UPS batteries store energy up to 90% efficiency and are increasingly viable.

So what does this all mean to you and I? Well in a nutshell, a move of your workloads to Microsoft Azure Data Centres will prove to be a more carbon efficient way of running your IT infrastructure and quantifiably reduce your carbon footprint.


Eco-design goods and ratings

The government have implemented regulations for the Eco-design of energy consuming products, to ensure they meet specific measures relating to their energy usage.

The EU have implemented measures to require manufacturers to implement energy labels and eco design, which is estimated to bring energy savings of approximately 230 Mtoe (million tonnes of oil equivalent) by 2030. So what do the new energy labels mean, you might ask, which is detailed here. These new energy labels can be seen on TV’s and screens and monitors.


How we help

You can download the Microsoft sustainability calculator here or we can perform the assessment for you. TechQuarters are a top tier Microsoft Cloud Gold Partner and can advise, setup, migrate infrastructure, platform and apps to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. We provide Carbon efficient hardware and devices at competitive rates.

And if you need any training for your users or technical teams, we perform that without adoption and training services with our 365 Cloud Academy.


Our IT Support Solutions Are A Good Fit For Everyone

No matter which kind of sector or industry you find yourself in – TechQuarters have the perfect IT Support Solutions to help. We provide support and management for a range of industries including IT Support for Schools or IT Support for Charities or maybe you are looking for IT Support Law Firms need – you might be wanting IT Support for Education or IT Support for Accountants or maybe IT Support Financial Services Companies are looking for – no matter what it is, we can help you. 

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