Are you looking for a system that lets you run your business and is GDPR compliant? With recent changes to the data protection act, organizations are struggling to implement the right security services to help meet GDPR guidelines. In this blog we cover what’s included in Microsoft 365 Business that can help businesses stay secure, compliant and it benefits.

What does Microsoft 365 Business Contain?

Microsoft 365 Business contains Office 365. Windows10 and Security.

Office 365: Fully installed apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and much more. These applications enable users to create files, communicate and organise their work. The best of breed products

Windows 10: An operating systems that contains Cortana, Windows Hello, Microsoft Edge, touch-enable and much more. A system that helps prevent against daily cyber threats.

Security: The Microsoft 365 Business package also include GDPR compliant security features such as Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and much more! For more details click here:

How can we stay more secure?

Organisations need to think about where their data is stored to prevent data loss or theft. Microsoft 365 Business is a secure platform to store, sync and share documents and files. Okay so the platform is secure but what happens when users lose their devices? Did you know in London, more than 24,000 devices were left on public transport in a single year?

Microsoft 365 Business security features enable company admin to clear data from the device remotely before getting into the wrong hands; reducing the human error side of a cyber attack.

Microsoft 365 Business also includes Advanced Threat Protection. It’s capability to protect against unknown threats such as malware, virus, phishing attempts and malicious links will help reduce the chance of data theft, data loss significantly. This package also includes safe attachments in the inbox; an Office email operating system that will scan attachments in real time and detect malware.

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