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Should your Managed Service Provider be ISO 27001 accredited?

In this video, our CEO Chris discusses whether you should be looking for a Managed Service provider that’s ISO 27001 accredited. Watch the video or read the transcript below, then if you have any questions around working with a Managed Service Provider – our contact details are also at the bottom.

Should your MSP be ISO 27001 accredited?

Should an MSP be ISO 27001 accredited? Well yes is the simple answer – it’s a great accreditation to have as an MSP.

It means that they’ve been through all those security system tests, they’ve tested all their process and policies they apply and it’s all around Information Security and Data Protection for your organisation. If they’ve been through this it means they take Data Protection seriously.

Things like Computer Security, Physical Security, so that means there’s security getting into data centre and not everybody can get in there, also Cyber Security. Are they protecting you & your organisation against malware such as email attacks? Erroneous websites trying to take money off you and transfer money left, right & centre? All of those need to be covered with the right software.

Then finally it’s all about your profile and your privacy laws, so such as GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation. They need to know about those laws so they can advice you on Personal Identifiable Information and what privacy policies you need to put in place to secure your data and make sure you’re protected.

Having ISO 27001 advises the MSP and makes them follow certain paths and routes themselves. It can only be a good thing for your organisation if they are accredited.

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