Office 365 has several great components that users love to use, but sometimes it’s easy to miss a lot of the collaboration opportunities components have with each other! In this case it’s SharePoint and Yammer.


Using Yammer through SharePoint

SharePoint collaborates with Yammer by allowing you to post directly to your Yammer feeds from your SharePoint site.

This is great for when editing documents in SharePoint and you want to post an update to notify your colleagues.

For instance, if you just uploaded a brand new document to a SharePoint, you can post a status to Yammer explaining so and also choose which of your contacts is notified, directly from SharePoint!

You can also interact with others statuses by liking them, commenting on them and replying on them as you usually would on Yammer.

Types of Yammer feeds

If you click the cog icon the the top right of the Yammer feed,  SharePoint will offer you different types of Yammer feeds to be displayed.

Three options will be available, the Home feed, Group feed and Comment feed.

The Home feed will display all posts by your colleagues.

The Group feed which will display all content posted within your Yammer group.

The Comment feed which will display all comments made that are relevant to you.

Embedding a Yammer feed into SharePoint

When it comes to embedding your Yammer feed, SharePoint will ask for you different information for different feeds.

If you want to embed your Home feed, it will ask for your network.

If you want to embed your Comment feed, it was ask for your network and current page URL.

If you want to embed your group feed, it will ask for your network and group ID.

If you don’t know what any of these are, you can click the blue links next to the options for full details (See in the below image).

We hope this collaboration feature is useful to you!

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