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Security Risks on Computer

How to avoid security risks?

Security risks are the main concerns to an organisation, protecting and securing data is vital.How can I protect my organisation from security risks? Well, next week Chris Dunning (CEO of TechQuarters) and Katrina Borthwick (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft UK) will be hosting a webinar discussing how organisations can get their employees to work wherever they need to securely? Webinar will be live AT 11 am on Tuesday 27TH November. Click here to register.

What will the episode on security risks cover?

The episode will be focused on answering key questions surrounding security. This episode will consist of;

· Interviews with Experts

· Demos

· Product Features

· Live Q&A

It’s important for organisations to feel safe, with GDPR around the corner protecting data has become a priority. This session will also discuss the features and benefits Microsoft 365 Business can have on your organisation in terms reducing Security risks. Security features such as Advanced Threat Protection, will help secure e-mails from unsafe attachments and so on. The session will also highlight recent developments in Teams and Excel enabling users to understand the features and leveraging them.

To know more about security solutions, click here.