The internet bug that has been going round, a major internet security flaw, had many businesses looking to change their passwords. And because of this flaw, organisations have to start looking into creating strong passwords which will give them best chance of protecting their information.

In today’s world of “Big Data”, it is incredibly important for companies to keep their information secure, and a password is a business’ first line of defence.This is why we are providing you with some top tips for creating a strong password.

1. Ensure to go past the ‘8 Character Wall’

Passwords with 8 or fewer characters are more subject to vulnerability. Even though there are an incredible number of password combinations, a hacker that wants to get into your system, will be able to crack it in seconds. By making your password at least 12 characters long, you are increasing your security and decreasing the risk of being hacked.

2. Create Unique Passwords. One For Every Site

Make sure to use different password for different sites, such as your personal banking site. Always plan for the eventuality that one of your accounts will be breached – we recommend that you never use the same password twice.

3. Get Very Creative

Ensure that your password is unique – don’t go using a generic password, all you will doing is allowing hackers to breeze through your accounts.

4. Change Passwords Every Six Months

It is best to assume that one of the sites you use will be hacked – the best protection is to religiously change your passwords on at least a 6 month basis.

5. Look into getting a Secure Password Management Service

These services enable you to manage passwords from one location. This is done through using computer-generated password. This service will generate a unique password that is not in the top 100 million human-made passwords. The service will automatically change passwords for you and store them in an encrypted wallet.

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